Linking large-scale, cost-effective, permanent offshore CO2 storage across the CCS value chain

Towards zero emissions from ship transport – SP2

Towards zero emissions from ship transport (SP2) aims to develop and integrate technologies for CO2 capture and storage systems on ships by 2024. This will enable them to immediately reduce their CO2 emissions by 30-50%, and work towards a 70% reduction.

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Research activities

  • Facilitating innovative designs for integrating carbon capture systems on ships,
  • Evaluating Health and Safety assessments of carbon capture system integration on ships,
  • Full-scale testing of a carbon capture system on a 1MW engine at our test facility in Moss,
  • Optimising maritime CO2 logistics using digital tools in order to optimise costs and emissions for different deployment scenarios, and
  • Sustainably transporting and offloading liquified CO2 (LCO2).

This subproject is led by Wärtsilä Moss, with participation from Cognite, SINTEF Energy Research, SINTEF Ocean, Aker Solutions, Sustainable Energy Norwegian Catapult Centre and TotalEnergies.

SP Lead: Sergio Rodrigo Palencia, Wärtsila Moss
Deputy Lead: Sigurd Jenssen, Wärtsilä Moss