Linking large-scale, cost-effective, permanent offshore CO2 storage across the CCS value chain

NCS C+ (Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project)

NCS C+ is a Knowledge-building Project for Industry (KSP) associated with LINCCS. It focuses on developing four climate-positive technologies that could be implemented in connection with permanent CO2 storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

Boat sailing along a rugged coastline

Focus: 4 climate-positive technologies

  1. Removing CO2 from the air,
  2. Removing CO2 from seawater
  3. Converting algae and/or biowaste into hydrogen and/or heat with CCS, and
  4. Removing methane from the air.
Not only do these technologies have the potential to remove large volumes of CO2 and methane from the atmosphere, but they can potentially contribute to increasing momentum for other CCS technologies in both Norway and Europe.

This KSP is coordinated by SINTEF Energy Research, with participation from SINTEF Industry, SINTEF Ocean and the University of Oslo as well as several leading international universities, including the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft), the University of Alberta and the KTH Royal Institute of Technologies.

Lead: Simon Roussanaly, SINTEF Energy Research