Linking large-scale, cost-effective, permanent offshore CO2 storage across the CCS value chain

Large-scale, cost-optimised storage and injection system – SP4

Large-scale, cost-optimised storage and injection systems (SP4) aims to integrate the value chain architecture in order to enable the creation of large-scale storage and injection hubs.

Artistic illustration of a CO2 injection facility
Compact, low OPEX offshore CO2 capture (SP1) icon

Research activities

  • Using results from SP2 to identify the most promising offshore concepts for different ship sizes
  • Using results from SP3 and use case scenarios to identify the most promising concepts for large-scale aquifer storage,
  • Coordinating with SP3 to assess interactions between the injected fluid and reservoir through modelling and experiments in order to evaluate the possibility of high-rate intermittent injection,
  • Identifying suitable market segments for offshore loading, and
  • Studying 1-2 of the identified concepts in more detail to identify knowledge gaps, cost estimations, etc.

This subproject is led by Aker Solutions, with participation from Wintershall DEA, TotalEnergies, SINTEF Energy Research, SINTEF Industry and AGR.

SP Lead: Runar Helgesen, Aker Solutions