Linking large-scale, cost-effective, permanent offshore CO2 storage across the CCS value chain

Compact, low OPEX offshore CO2 capture – SP1

Compact, low OPEX offshore CO2 capture (SP1) aims to develop an unmanned CO2 capture technology with low operating expenses (OPEX) for decarbonising natural gas production. This will enable zero-emission offshore power production and future blue hydrogen production.

Offshore platform in the sunrise
Compact, low OPEX offshore CO2 capture (SP1) icon

Research activities

  • Determining deployment opportunities for low OPEX carbon capture technology in offshore and onshore value chains,
  • Benchmarking innovative technologies to support offshore, unmanned CO2 capture,
  • Integrating generic CO2 capture technology with offshore processing and production equipment in order to reduce energy consumption,
  • Developing advanced process controls to automate generic CO2 capture processes, and
  • Developing a digital twin for CO2 capture technology that will facilitate unmanned operation and a low OPEX.

This subproject is led by Equinor, with participation from Aker Solutions, SINTEF Energy Research, SINTEF Industry, Aize, Cognite and TotalEnergies.

SP Lead: Lars Bergersen, Equinor
Deputy Lead: Marit Mazzetti, SINTEF Energy Research