Linking large-scale, cost-effective, permanent offshore CO2 storage across the CCS value chain

NCS C+ members at project kick-off.

NCS C+ kick-off: LINCCS’ associated KSP gets started

On 24 June 2022, LINCCS’ associated Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project (KSP), The Norwegian Continental Shelf: A Driver for Climate-Positive Norway (NCS C+), had its kick-off event in Trondheim, Norway.

Several LINCCS project members were in attendance, including Project Coordinator Craig Harvey (Aker Solutions), Rikard Kinn (Aker Solutions), Francesco Finotti (SINTEF Energy Research), Margaret Mistry (Equinor) and Stian Aakre (Wärtsilä).

LINCCS Project Coordinator Craig Harvey presents at the NCS C+ kick-off event.

LINCCS and NCS C+ will be in close contact throughout the duration of both projects, sharing research results and participating jointly in external events.

“Harvesting the synergies between NCS C+ and LINCCS could be beneficial for all partners,” said Aage Stangeland, special advisor at the Research Council of Norway. “Therefore, I challenge both projects to make sure there is a strong link between LINCCS and NCS C+.”

NCS C+ is a new project for investigating four climate-positive technologies with the potential to remove significant amounts of greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) and permanently store them on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. During the kick-off event, each of the work package leaders presented their tasks and explained how they will contribute to achieving this goal.  

“This kick-off is a key step in bringing the whole NCS C+ team together in order to better understand the critical combination of the work that will be undertaken to meet the 1.5˚C-target, as well as the importance of supporting the development of four climate-positive solutions considered in NCS C+,” said Simon Roussanaly, research scientist at SINTEF Energy Research and leader of the NCS C+ project.

NCS C+ is led by SINTEF Energy Research, with participation from SINTEF Industry, SINTEF Ocean, the University of Oslo (UiO), the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft), the University of Alberta, and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

NCS C+ Leader Simon Roussanaly presents at the project’s kick-off event.

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