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LINCCS SP1 visit to Tiller

LINCCS project members gather in Trondheim for CO2 capture workshop

On 14 September, LINCCS project members gathered in Trondheim for a workshop related to the “Compact, low OPEX offshore CO2 capture” sub-project (SP1). The workshop was preceded by a visit to SINTEF’s CO2 laboratory at Tiller the day before. It was attended by SP1 participants as well as members of LINCCS’ other subprojects.

LINCCS SP1 has the main goal of developing an unmanned CO2 capture technology with low operating expenses for decarbonising natural gas production. As such, the main focus of the workshop was on deciding which technology concepts would result in the lowest cost for capturing CO2 from offshore facilities.

The visit to the TillerCO2Lab was a relevant contribution to these discussions, as it is very similar to the type of facility that is currently being considered in LINCCS.

“Our focus is on economies of scale and unmanned operation in order to make offshore CO2 capture cost competitive,” said SP1 Deputy Lead Marit Mazzetti from SINTEF Energy Research.

The next step will be planning the design of the chosen solution.

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